Hey! There are some things about our city we’d like to share with you. Stay with us.

See & do

Look around

Want to walk around? We are in the historical center, so there’s a lot to see when you leave the door. We have a few tour guides of our own prepared to welcome you.


Nice spots, nice pics

Sharing your travel with friends? Know the spots where you can take awesome photos.


Must see

You know when they ask if you went there and you didn’t? Well, there’s a few things we wouldn’t miss in Porto.


Going out

Eating badly and getting to the wrong places? Forget it! We send you to the right bars and restaurants.


Follow the river

It’s one of our faves. We never get tired of it. It’s always different from the last time. And when you get to seafront don’t miss the best fish on earth!


Let’s surf

Is it your first time or you just wanna get to the right spots? Trust us. There’s someone in the house addicted to it.


One hour away

Nature lovers? So are we. There is a range of unforgettable landscapes and exciting outdoor activities, just one hour away. How adventurous are you?